Horse Terms

Gallop- The customary gait a horse chooses when returning home.

Grooming - The fine art of brushing the dirt from one's horse and applying it to your own body.
Hock - The financial condition that a horse owner goes into.
Horse shoes - Expensive semi-circular projectiles that horses like to throw.
Lameness - The condition of most riders after the first few rides each year; can be a chronic condition in weekend riders
Lungeing - A training method a horse uses on its owner with the purpose of making the owner spin in circles-rendering the owner dizzy and light-headed so that they get sick and pass out, so the horse can go back to grazing.
Reins - Break-away leather device used to tie horses with.
Saddle - An expensive leather contraption manufactured to give the rider a false sense of security. Comes in many styles, all feature built-in ejector seats.
Splint - An apparatus that can be applied to various body parts of a rider due to the parting of the ways of a horse and his passenger.
Twisted Gut - The feeling deep inside that most riders get before their classes at a show.
Withers - The reason you'll seldom see a man riding bareback.
Yearling - the age at which all horses completely forget the things you taught them previously.